Procapil Serum Combo

Vitalize Hair From Roots
Stimulate Hair Growth Phase
Induce Dermal Papilla To Reactivate Hair Growth
For All Hair Types

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40 in stock

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About this item

  • Frizz Control: This Hair serums can help smooth and tame frizzy hair by providing a protective barrier against humidity and environmental factors.
  • Shine Enhancement: This hair serums contain ingredients that add shine and luster to the hair, making it look healthy and glossy.
  • Heat Protection: Dokmai hair serums offer heat protection, which is important when using heat styling tools like flat irons or hair dryers, as they can damage the hair.
  • Split End Prevention: Hair serums can temporarily seal split ends, making them less visible and preventing further splitting.
  • Detangling: Hair serums can make it easier to comb or brush your hair, reducing the risk of breakage and damage during the detangling process.
  • Smoothing and Softening: They can make hair feel softer and smoother, giving it a more manageable texture.