Hair Wax Combo

Product Benefits Perfect Hair style strong hold Long lasting performance,
Hair Type All
Material Type Free Alcohol Free
Scent Unscented
Item Form Gel
Brand Dokmai LONDON

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40 in stock

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  • About this item

    • “Perfect Hair style strong hold Long lasting performance,”
    • “adds volume and thickness”
    • “apply a thin uniform coat and style from the roots to this tips”
    • Easy Application: Hair wax is typically easy to apply. You can warm a small amount in your hands and then distribute it evenly through your hair.
    • Hair Types: Hair wax is suitable for a variety of hair types, but it tends to work best for straight or wavy hair. Those with curly hair may find it less effective in holding their curls.
    • It’s essential to use the right amount of hair wax; using too much can make your hair feel heavy and greasy